Wedding, Event & Party Planners in New Jersey

"Dreaming after all is a form of planning" -Gloria Steinem

With an elite production team ready to set your dream in motion your event will be the talk of the town! From wedding to baby shower, graduation or birthday party planner in NJ, you name it, we will give you not only what you wanted, but beyond that. You will never have to look for another event planner in New Jersey, because the BaRAX does it all. Here with our wedding planner in New Jersey, our first obligation is to make you happy. We build lifelong relationships with our clientele and we would love to start a path in building that same relationship with you! We provide full service events; Venue, Stationary, Catering, Photography, Sweet 16 Planning Services, Entertainment (dancers, artists, DJs, Etc.) Choreographer Services, Hair, Makeup and more to make your special day magical! We aim to see your eyes light up something close to the sky on the fourth of July! That to us is what true success feels like.

Click some of the pictures and see some of our clients celebrating their moments of joy with our Corporate event planner in NJ!